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Wood Rot Brisbane

Rotting wood and dried timber can be food for termites and white ants. Termites (in particularly Hetrotermes termites) usually build nests nearby rotting wood. This could lead to termites attacking your fence, timber posts or timber flooring.

Pest and Termite Inspections

During regular pest and termite inspections out team will check your property for wood rot (wood decay fungi) as well as wood borers and termites.

Prevent Wood Root Brisbane with Borate Timber Treatments

To protect your timber against wood rot Brisbane, we use the following  Borate Timber Treatments .

Protectimber Solvent
Wood Rot Timber Treatments

Cellavit Solvent
Cellavit Solvent Prevents Wood Root

Preschem Polesaver Rods
Preschem Polesaver Rods