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Termite Inspections

Regular Termite Inspections are very important, early detection of Termite activity can save stress and thousands of $$$$ in repairs to you home. We offer 2 types of inspections, Standard Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections. Greg undertakes termite inspections at homes and commercial properties in suburbs surrounding Brisbane and Caboolture.

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What is involved in a termite inspection?

Before booking a Termite inspection it is important to ask the provider "What do you do in an inspection"? Its amazing with the advance's in equipment available that some still just walk around tapping with a screwdriver!! A screwdriver is a handy tool during an inspection, but with us its part of a package. We believe that its important to take advantage of a wide variety of tools to help get an overall picture of the home and conducive termite conditions. That’s why we use the following equipment for each termite inspection Brisbane and Caboolture.

Moisture Meter ---Terma-trac---Thermal camera---Bore scopes---Video Inspection ---Torch----Camera---Donger---Monocular---Probes---Ladder---Screwdriver---Lupe

The Inspection itself will cover the following areas.

The yard, including fences, retaining walls, garden beds, landscaping timbers and trees.

Any sheds or other timber structures.

The Exterior of the Home (weep holes, Timber in contact with soil, drainage, etc)

The Subfloor. (Flooring timbers, piers, leaks/Drainage, ventilation).

The Interior. (Skirtings, sills, Door frames, walls, check for moisture).

The Roof Cavity (Framing timbers, top plates above wet areas eg shower, check for leaks).

Following the inspection a detailed report is provided along with any recommendations.

We are fully equipped for each and every property termite inspection in Brisbane or Caboolture. When Greg undertakes a termite inspection in established suburbs or developing suburbs such as  Warner, North Lakes  ,Greg use's the following tools and equipment.


 Termite inspection equipment: Terma-trac  Terma-trac termite equipment

How Does It Work ?? Termatrac, explained simply emits signals which penetrate the material that is being tested . If these signals are interrupted by termite activity , the liquid crystal display will alert the operator by showing up on the readout. This Allows

  • Tracking the extent of activity without disturbance.
  • Tracking to an entry point
  • Location of nests via entry point
  • Choice of treatment method.
  • Don’t risk a lesser inspection

Moisture meter: Because termites are almost 100% moisture, this is an effective way of detecting activity, because there can be other reasons for High Moisture readings besides termites, This is only used as a guide to detect areas which require further inspection, with either Terma-Trac or a Borescope.

Termite inspection equipment: Moisture Reader

Bore scope & Video inspection Camera Bore scope, This piece of equipment allows viewing of areas that would otherwise be impossible to see into, eg wall cavities, inside trees all that is required is a 8mm hole for access.

  Termite inspection Brisbane equipment: Bore scope  Bore scope equipment for termite inspection

Video Inspection camera, This is used for hard to reach areas, a camera is attached to the end of a wand (up to 3.6mt in length) the image can then be viewed on the hand held screen. Images can be saved and downloaded into reports.

  Video Inspection camera for termite inspection  Check for termites with video inspection cameras

This piece of equipment can allow inspection of areas of damage/activity without the need to remove wall linings or remove tiles. Something that saves costly repairs that may not be required. And with its image capture you get to see the whole picture.

Termites video inspection cameras

The extension wand (up to 3.6 mt) is a huge advantage for inspection of roof cavity's, sub-floors, below infill patio slabs and so on. The camera head can be rotated

Thermal Imaging.

Thermal imaging equipment

Can you afford not to have this added benefit? There are often faults such as leaks, that would otherwise have gone undetected visually are readily observed thermally. By using Thermal Imaging we can often observe concealed building faults, concealed termite damage, points of condensation that in turn indicate decay or potential for mould growth and poor structural framing that would otherwise not be possible by normal human vision.

A thermal camera is only an inspection tool, like all tools there are limitations and there are advantages, a thermal camera is not a magic wand and will not expose all defects and/or all termite workings but combined with other inspection techniques & inspection tools will provide a broader, more comprehensive assessment of the condition of the inspected item/s.

Human vision detects a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, a thermal camera provides additional vision within the infrared spectrum therefore broadening the vision of objects viewed. In simple terms a thermal camera will visualise the variations in thermal temperature of objects observed.

Thermal imaging assists in detecting many items that may be of concern that are concealed by wall linings, these include termite damage or termite sub-nests, moisture damage and many other building issues. Although the thermal imaging may have indicated a possible problem, further investigation is often needed to determine the possible causes of the area of concern, if a termites sub-nest is located then the combination of a moisture meter + Term-a-Trac + fibre-optics + a video inspection are commonly used to determine concealed termite activity etc'. Some of these tools can only be used while performing a more invasive inspection and whilst there is a additional charge for a Video inspection only limited access is required this can save the expense of costly repairs to wall linings and tiles, as such it is very cost effective. 

  Thermal imaging Thermal image  Thermal imaging Thermal image of a termite nest in a wall.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

When you are about to buy a new home you want to make sure you have a pre-purchase inspection.

This inspection covers:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Dampwood Termites
  • Wood Decay Fungi (wood rot)
  • Wood Borers

A condition off all pest control insurance is that a Pre-Inspection Agreement is accepted prior to an inspection, if you cannot attend the inspection you can find the from below and either e-mail of post the form to us.

You can view and download a Pre Inspection Agreement HERE


Termite inspection Warner  Warner termite inspection

The photos above show termite activity found during an inspection of a home in Warner. The homeowners hadn't noticed slight blistering of the paintwork at the top of the door frame, this flaked away when touched. The gyproc was cut away to expose the termite mudding post treatment...The damage extended into the ensuite and bedroom to the left of the photo , building repairs cost over $20,000.

Lawnton termite inspection

This nest was located under a home in Lawnton, the elderly homeowner had no idea that there was any termite activity in his home, only that the property next door had a "bad problem"It was possible that this nest which was 3/4 of a meter high could have been the nest attacking the adjoining home.

If you find Termite activity! Do not disturb them just it call us!

You should have regular inspections of all timber and possible termite entry points. Our termite inspection Warner team will thoroughly inspect your home. Regular termite inspections can save you thousands of dollars as we can find termites before costly damage is done.

We can identify timber problems during a termite inspection Brisbane and advise you of the best solution.

If you find termite damage in your home, call us today at (07) 3261 3287 and do not disturb the termites. We will investigate the size and nature of the infestation and advise you on the available options.

We can use a wide range of tools and techniques to perform a thorough termite inspection of homes and offices in North Lakes, Warner, Strathpine, Petrie, Kallangur, Caboolture and Brisbane Northside and Southside suburbs.

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