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Termite Reticulation System

Termite Reticulation System Brisbane

TermX Replenishment System for termite reticulation

Tanzer Pest control have been installing Retriculation Systems in Brisbane and Caboolture for over 15 Years.

These specially designed systems consist of a pipe or hose that runs along the side of a building either in soil or in most cases under a path, slab or pavers.

The pipe/hose has holes evenly spaced holes (like a garden soaker hose) through which the Termiticide foam can then be pumped to create a treated zone to impede termite entry. The advantage long term is there is no need to lift pavers, trench soil, disturb gardens, or drill paths this means cost savings to you.

TermX Replenishment System Brisbane

Depending on the Termiticide used (most cases Termidor), a re-treatment is not required for up to 8 years. While there are a number of reticulation systems available, we prefer to use the TermX Replenishment System. This termite reticulation Brisbane system features a flexible PVC chemical hose that is suitable for delivering Termiticides to the full under slab of new buildings, or as a perimeter barrier on existing buildings. It is the one and only reticulation system that has the capability of dispersing chemical foam in the required areas. 

How Can A Termite Reticulation System Benefit You?

After a concrete slab has been poured in preparation for building, the soil underneath can subside away from the slab, leaving vulnerable holes and voids, a process otherwise known as soil subsidence. This allows for common termite entry points as they are often around pipes. Normal injection of a liquid Termiticide cannot treat the whole cavity.

Foaming is a process of applying air from a compressor with a Termiticide and a foaming agent to create a foam that builds upon itself and expands to fill the void.

The TermX reticulation system has been designed to be simple with minimal parts to eliminate the chance of product failure under normal use. With a 50 Year warranty, it is the best system for termite reticulation.

TermX Replenishment System Prevents Termites

See The Termx System In Action


Termx Full Under Slab System

With the TermX full under Slab System and an External Perimeter System you have the best protection. Even a slab built to AS2870 standard can crack enough to produce a 1.3mm crack. This is enough to allow entry to uninvited guests. Having a full under slab system gives you maximum protection.

The TermX System pipes are layed 300mm to 450mm apart over the entire area of the slab, this should incorporate an external system as well. If in the 10mt run a plumbing outlet or any service pipe is present, the pipe is looped around the service to resolve these problem areas. Termiticide surrounds the sides of the pipe giving complete coverage.

Once a 10mt length is installed in the prepared area, a junction box is then installed. For distances greater than 10mt a feeder line is used to bridge the distance. (See Diagram 1)

For larger slab areas, it may be necessary to run TermX 10mt Pipe from alternative sides of the slab in order to provide adequate coverage (See Diagram 2)


  CodeMark TermX termite reticulation Brisbane  

Termx has a Codemark certification meaning that the system meets building codes and is a best industries practice product.