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Termite Baiting & Monitoring Systems

What is Termite Baiting?

Termite Baiting is where a feeding station is placed either internally or externally, with an internal station a box is fitted directly over active termite workings. Then a bag containing a highly palatable cellulouse based food substrate impregnated with Hexaflumuron is placed inside.

Hexaflumuron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor this effect the termites ability to produce chitin (what insects outer skins are made of). As worker termites feed on the bait they pass it onto the entire colony via a process known as "trophallaxis". Termites shed their skin (moult) a number of times after a moult has taken place the new skin is damaged and as they are unable to replace the chitin they die. This means the entire colony slowly dies off.

The size of the colony has an effect on the number of baitings required and the time is taken to wipe out the entire colony, but as a guide, the average time is around 4 to 5 months.

Why use termite baiting? Termite baiting Brisbane services are used in situations where a Dusting Treatment or Chemical Soil Barrier is not practical or possible. It is the ideal alternative to a chemical treatment for those who don’t like the use chemicals.

There are 2 styles of termite baiting: 1. internal termite baiting and 2. external termite baiting.

Sentricon - Internal Termite Baiting

For internal termite baiting of active termites, our termite control Brisbane team uses Sentricon Internal Bait Stations.

 Sentricon Internal Termite Baiting   Internal Termite Baiting



Rekon Termite Treatment Brisbane

The Rekon System is a flexible solution for external termite baiting Brisbane. The unique system allows monitoring and treatment a simple and easy process!


One problem that some baiting systems face is that monitoring can sometimes disturb the termites, leading to less successful treatments. However, using a unique and patented secondary lid system, the Rekon allows you to monitor for occupants without disturbing them. 

Combining this secondary lid format with the threaded outer lid and 50mm no-go zone helps to prevent ants from entering the system. This means less maintenance and increases the attractiveness of the trap to termites.

To ensure that termites will be much more interested in the Rekon than your house, the main chamber below the secondary lid creates an ideal environment for termites. It offers a safe and closed in the area for them to accumulate and feed. This appealing environment contributes to a successful and efficient treatment.

Rekon Secondary Lid Termite Baiting System



Rekon Stations are placed into the ground around your home and in areas likely to attract termites. These stations are equipped with uniquely fluted dowels that will attract any termites in the vicinity of a dwelling or structure.

Timber For Rekon Termite Baiting Brisbane

The system has been specially designed to a be a ready source of food for termites. These timber dowels and high volume interior serves as a free banquet which will be irresistible for termites. This means they are drawn in quicker and aids in the detection of a colony. These in-ground stations should be examined in 6-8 week intervals, however, it is recommended to monitor these more closely in known "high risk" termite areas.

It is extremely important to notify a specialist pest controller as soon as you find termites. If you do find activity in an installed Rekon system, our highly qualified pest controllers will be able to implement appropriate treatment measures before they are able to spread to any nearby homes or other structures. The Rekon system is very flexible when it comes to treatment methods. We are able to use a variety of treatment formulations such as dust, foam, and baits, and we will tailor our approach to best suit your circumstances situation. 

Rekon External Termite Baiting System  Termite Baiting Brisbane Equipment  Brisbane Termite Baiting

If you know you live in a termite-prone area, the specialized Rekon system can offer peace of mind. It makes the early detection, monitoring and eradication of colonies simple and stress-free. It has been designed specifically for the Australian environment to achieve the best results. The Rekon Termite Baiting Brisbane system offers easy access to inspect for termites regularly and makes it possible to treat the colony as soon as it is detected with minimum distance.

If you are interested in purchasing the Rekon system or are interested in any other products offered by Tanzer Pest Control, please be sure to Contact Us. One of our specialists will be more than happy to offer effective solutions to any pest problems!




A popular option to Termiticide soil treatments is the installation of baiting systems.

Baiting systems offer an alternative suitable where Termiticide soil treatments are either not possible or where drilling of paths is not wanted.

There are many different systems on the market but in the past, all were simply stations placed at spacings of around every 3 mts around the perimeter of the home. In some cases, stations may only be placed in high-risk locations.

These stations contain a timber “bait”, Stations must be inspected every 3-4 weeks for activity

The timber is then replaced with a chemical bait when active termites attack the station.

Now a new option is to install a “pre-baited” station, as it’s not uncommon with the other monitoring station for a timber attractant to be consumed between pre-baiting is a significant advantage.

Termites will begin to be effected as soon as they discover a station, not when activity is detected by either the home owner or pest controller.

The new system “Sentricon Always Active”, contains hexaflumuron which is a chitin synthesis inhibitor. As termites prefer this bait matrix over woodworker termites will share the hexaflumuron throughout the colony. When the termites have their next moult , they die as their new exoskeleton (made of chitin) is compromised. As the workers provide food for the colony, when they die so will the colony.

Sentricon Always Active stations installed by Tanzer Pest Control remain effective for up to 5 years but should be checked on a regular basis and replaced when required.

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