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Physical Termite Barriers

Tanzer Pest Control is an accredited installer of HomeGuard and Term-seal physical barrier systems.Termites most often gain entry to a home out of site in concealed areas where there are gaps in the construction such as,

  1. Alongside plumbing, gas or electrical services were they penetrate the slab or brickwork.
  2. Via the brick cavity around the home's perimeter.
  3. Via construction joins in slabs, such as where 2 slabs join.
  4. With an infill slab where the slab abuts the internal brickwork leaving a small gap.
  5. Via step downs between slabs.

These areas need to be protected to avoid the possible concealed entry of termites, Tanzer Pest Control can offer you a choice of protection options depending on the nature of the possible entry point and the style of either new construction or post construction renovation work, as well as solutions for problems with existing structures. Physical Termite Barriers are a very cost effective form of termite prevention, once installed in most cases they remain effective for the life of the building.This can be very important with areas such as where services such as pipes pass through the slab floor, the installation of a physical barrier during construction or renovation means flooring will never need to be drilled or disturbed for the life of the building.




HomeGuard is a Precision Subterranean Termite Management System which is a physical and chemical subterranean barrier in one. It is installed to the foundations of new buildings of extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed termite entry. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia from polymer based products and incorporates FMCs market-leading liquid termite barrier Biflex.

The HomeGuard range of products are made from quality, UV stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigours of construction and to provide an effective subterranean for at least 50 years.

  • HomeGuard is Scientifically proven to block, repel and kill termites.
  • HomeGuard can be adapted to suit a wide range of construction situations, with both termite and moisture barrier options.
  • HomeGuard is Codemark Accredited and designed to last at least 50 years.
  • HomeGuard is Non-scheduled, non-toxic, and non-invasive that is safe for humans and animals.
  • HomeGuard is backed by the FMC HomeGuard Million Dollar Warranty.

HomeGuard Blue

HomeGuard Blue is manufactured in Australia from 300 microns, UV stabilised blue polymer sheeting containing Biflex Termiticide which provides perimeter subterranean protection. Predominately used as a perimeter/cavity barrier it offers builders an economical alternative sheet barrier for situations where a damp proof course is not required.Available in 300mm wide and 1mt wide sheets, the product offers flexibility as it can be either cut to size or installed as supplied. 

    HomeGuard Blue Installation        HomeGuard Blue Installations

HomeGuard DPC

HomeGuard DPC (Damp Proof Course) is a Tough 500 micron UV stabilised polymer sheeting containing Biflex Termiticide that offers both perimeter subterranean termite protection and damp proofing through one installation.Available in both 300mm and 1 mt wide sheets, the product offers flexibility as it can be either cut to size or installed as supplied. In addition to providing perimeter barrier protection, HomeGuard DPC can be used to protect retaining walls.

HomeGuard DPC Installation

HomeGuard TMB

HomeGuard TMB (Termite and Moisture Barrier) as the name implies offers the builder both a moisture barrier and a subterranean termite barrier in the one installation. TMB is available in a 4m x 50 m Sheet. Produced in Australia from high impact 200-micron polymer sheeting the finished product is manufactured to include Biflex Termiticide.

The Versatility of HomeGuard TMB means that it can provide both whole of building subterranean termite protection through full under slab installation whilst at the same time affording the completion of the vapour barrier requirement to Australian Standard AS 2870-1996

Further, HomeGuard TMB can be used to provide economical Subterranean termite proofing of retaining walls or for step downs in slab on ground design.

HomeGuard TMB Installation

HomeGuard Collars

HomeGuard  Collars are an innovative pre-formed method for protecting service penetration through a concrete slab.Manufactured in Australia from ridge moulded blue polymer extruded to contain Biflex Termiticide (homeGuard collars are the only moulded collar on the market that contains the power of a termiticide).

HomeGuard collars are available in 40mm ,50mm,80mm,& 100mm  diameter sizes.The collars in addition to offering a physical barrier against subterranean termite entry also provide buffer protection given that the unit contains Biflex.For clustered service penetrations or for difficult to fit penetrations, HomeGuard sheeting can be used to form sheet collars on site to protect any penetration arrangement no matter how challenging.  

HomeGuard Collars install      HomeGuard Collars

HomeGuard GT

HomeGuard GT is manufactured in Australia from 95% recycled plastic that has been extruded to contain Biflex Termiticide.

HomeGuard GT is a versatile product which allows flexibility in the application for the installation of the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System. The product can be applied into the cavity as a full perimeter installation, or it can be used for situations where the installation of sheet materials is not practical.

Further HomeGuard GT makes an excellent choice for builders for installation to situations where slab on ground areas require subterranean termite protection after the initial pour (eg for when a service penetration requires relocation, or during bathroom renovations).

    HomeGuard GT      HomeGuard GT protection     HomeGuard GT termite protection

HomeGuard Termiflex

HomeGuard Termiflex is an adhesive and sealant that combines the properties of a proven, high-quality, polymer based, construction adhesive with a proven, synthetic pyrethroid termiticide Bifenthrin. It has been developed to be used in conjunction with other HomeGuard products to:

  • Join HomeGuard sheet products.
  • To attach sheet products to structural elements of the building.
  • To fill gaps and cracks.
  • To create "plugs" around electrical conduits.
  • To repair HomeGuard Sheeting  


TermSeal Solutions

Term Seal have a range of products that contain a low level of Bifenthrin, they have been developed to provide termite proofing solutions with the extra value of Water-Proofing and Damp-Coursing. Term-seal Multi-Purpose Coating can be used as a termite resistant and waterproof compound for joints, Internal walls and a combination termite/water proofing for back filled walls.

Below are examples showing a post-construction use of Term-Seal to protect service entry points and construction joins.

 Termseal installation  Termseal sealant  Termseal contruction joints

Termseal coating     Termseal coating resistant     Termseal termite proofing


The following pictures show how an internal step down (e.g. sunken lounge) can be waterproofed and termite proofed in one treatment.

Sunken Lounge


In the example here, bricks were used to make a step that ran the length of a sunken lounge when the bricks were removed as part of a renovation termite entry points were exposed.

Sunken Lounge 2


Note possible termite entry points at the joins between the slabs and the bricks, as well as cracks in the mortar. Also as there was no waterproofing installed moisture could seep into the proposed new stud wall leading to mould problems.

Sunken Lounge 3


First, the brickwork was cleaned of any excess mortar, then a coat of Team Seal Primer was applied (note how this highlights the past termite entry mudding).

Sunken Lounge 4


After the primer, the first coat of Termseal was applied, this is reinforced with a fibreglass strip along the slab joins, then additional coats are applied.

Sunken Lounge side 5

Finished application, the step down is now waterproof and termite proof.

This is just one example where a normal drilling and injection treatment would have only provided limited short-term protection from termites and not solved the problem of moisture that was seeping in from under the bottom of the upper slab.

Term Seal solved the problem providing long term termite protection and moisture protection in one application, and at around ¼ of the cost.


Termcoat -Termite Surface Barrier

Termcoat Sealant is a spray on clear Bifenthrin coating that is applied brickwork and cement that creates a Termite resistant inspection zone and termite barrier in one application. It is quick and easy to apply, meaning its very cost effective –a fraction of the cost of a normal soil termiticide treatment.

Termcoat can be applied to re-create a visual inspection zone that has been compromised.

Term coat passageway

The purpose of a Modern Physical Termite Management Systems is to force Termites to the externally exposed perimeter of the building to allow for visual detection of termite migration into the structure as evidenced by a minimum of 75mm of termite mud tube over the visual inspection zone.

If Termites can access through the wall cavity, brick or block extrusions, mortar including horizontal and vertical joints or other areas within this inspection area then the required 75mm Visual Inspection distance that termites must cross or pass will not be effective.

Sheet Termite Management Systems are installed and protect the concealed areas of the building, however, do not extend onto the exterior face of the building to form the required AS3660.1 series inspection zone.

Termite Ground Passageway

Termcoat can also be used to create Barrier/Inspection zones on brick/blockwork and piers in subfloors.

Termcoat is a liquid adhesive, a water-repellent coating is applied on site penetrating the surfaces setting to form a clear Termite Resistant Surface Barrier against targeted termite migration over or through surfaces to which it is applied including the wall cavity and can be applied during or after completion of the building construction.

Termcoat is applied only onto those areas of the building that require the termite protection and the active ingredient is retained in that position by the adhesive and water resistant properties of the product. Termcoat repels termite migration over all surfaces to which it is applied creating the required inspection zone with the added benefit of converting the area into a termite barrier.



Termcoat can be applied in one attendance during or upon completion of the building thereby avoiding any damage during construction or downtime. It can be applied as a retrofit or to compliment existing termite management systems including creating the required inspection zone and also has the advantage that it can be reapplied at any time during the lifetime of the building.

Termite Applied

Block has been exposed unprotected to the elements for many years. Treated side protected, the untreated side has normal degradation. Discoloration highlighted with the absorption of water whilst treated side remains unaffected. Termcoat is designed as a clear finished sealant that blends in with the original finish on new construction to retain the aesthetics of the building.



When applied from the concrete slab continuously to 75mm above finished ground level. Termcoat provides a complete perimeter termite barrier and the required inspection zone alleviating the necessity of any additional perimeter termite protection.

Termcoat can also be used to create the required inspection zone on existing installations by attaching onto the marginal edge of existing installation and continuing either up or down or bridging continuously for 75mm to obtain the required inspection zone distance. This can be especially beneficial in areas where there are pathways, driveways etc. The cavity application can also assist to achieve the correct distance of the inspection zone.



Providing Termcoat is installed and maintained in accordance with the Termcoat specifications and in the event that termites penetrate through the areas of the building to which Termcoat is applied and gain access and cause damage to the structural timbers of the construction.

Termcoat will rectify the damage and upon diagnosis of problem reinstall the Termite protection at no cost to the owner for THE LIFETIME OF THE BUILDING.

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