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Think you have Termites?

If you think that you have found evidence of termite activity in your home or garden its very important not to disturb them. If the termites are disturbed they can often retreat either deep into workings or back into the ground, this affects their treatment, so do not spray them with a household insecticide or open or expose them.

Termite Damage & Areas To Watch

Many people think that termites only attack timber homes but this is not the case. Brick homes on concrete slabs allow termites to enter through tiny cracks in the concrete. They can eat hard and soft timbers and over ten different species are found locally.

They nest in large underground colonies containing millions of insects. They travel up to 100 meters in search of food so quite often they are not anywhere near the home that they are striking.

Termites enter walls from concrete slabs or adjoining structures and can completely destroy a structure without being noticed. Moisture attracts termites, as the decaying timber provides them with wood (carbohydrate), fungal growth (protein) and moisture, so high moisture content areas like under bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and sometimes damaged or faulty guttering are danger areas.

Annual Reports & Inspections

A termite inspection provides information to the homeowner or purchaser on established or possible termite, borer and decay problems. An termite and pest control technician will inspect your premises thoroughly through the roof void (if accessible), sub-floor (if accessible), interior, exterior, garage, out buildings, fences and grounds. A full report is then provided. We recommend property owners have a professional termite inspection carried out at least every 12 months early detection can save thousands of dollars in repairs to the home.

Found some bubbled skirting like this?        

Termite Damage

Or a mud trail on brickwork like this?

Or a mud tunnel under your home?

Leave it like this so it can be treated. Don't expose the workings like this.

We offer a FREE service to come out onsite and look at the area of concern and provide a free quote and information pack. In most cases this is a same day service. We carry all the equipment to do the job right the first time!!