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Rats and Mice Treatments

 Rats and Mice

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Rodents that appear to be pests to humans and are of great concern to our lifestyles are one of three species. The three major species are the Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse.

With changes in climatic conditions, rodents, which are well adapted to living closely to humans, move indoors to search for food and shelter. Colder weather is the most likely time when rodents move indoors. They also make their nests in roof voids where possums have established their homes.

Because they are nocturnal they are rarely seen but evidence of their presence is from droppings, urine stains and oily marking from their pelts, when they squeeze through tight spaces. Of course other evidence is from damage that they have caused to food stuffs, damage where they have gnawed through or into walls or timbers.

Rats are responsible for the transmission of diseases including 'The Bubonic Plague' which killed 25 million people.

Rat and Mice Treatments

After the Identification of the species, the most common form of treatment involves baiting, also rodent proofing is important.

See common control agents.

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