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Termite Insurance And Warranties

12 Sep 2014

Almost all home insurance policies provide no cover against the damage that termites can cause to your home , repair bills from termite damage can run into thousands of dollars .

This can leave you with a very large out of pocket expense, as well as the stress of dealing with disruption to the home as work is undertaken to solve the problem. Imagine being without a bathroom!, it happens as termites are attracted by moisture  and a undetected plumbing leak is all it takes .

Tanzer Pest Control  is accredited to offer termite treatments in Brisbane,  Brisbane Northside and Caboolture  which  meet the requirements  for Timber Secure Insurance policies, as well as  BASF Termidor Assurance Warrantees , and  fmc Eflex  Warranty’s .

This can give you peace of mind that if Termites attack your home you are covered for the cost or repairs and any additional treatment that is required.

What’s required ?

Well first your home is inspected and a report provided, in this report there is be recommendations on how to lower the risk of termite attack on the home. This could involve things like removal of timber scraps in the garden, removal of tree stumps, fixing plumbing leaks and so on.

We then sit down with you and discuss what treatment should be undertaken  to meet the requirements of a policy .

Because Greg Tanzer of Tanzer Pest Control has taken the time to attend training and accreditation he can offer you not just one policy but  a choice of options with treatments to suit your needs and budget.

This is important because different homes require different styles of treatment and the use of different termiticides, being limited to the use of one termiticide limits the choice , and the best option may be to use a repellent style termiticide, or a non-repellent termiticide, with Tanzer pest control you have options.

This  means you can have the peace of mind of an insurance policy to cover you if termites attack your home along with the backing of FMC  or  BASF .

Information on insurance and warranties are available on Termite Control Page.

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